We promise to help customers monitor, inform and protect their people and property through smart technology and excellent service. We keep that commitment by insisting on the highest quality and integrity from our manufacturing partners.

Our wide range of products is carefully selected based on the manufacturer’s ability to provide advances in technology combined with outstanding service and support.

The systems we provide may be installed separately or integrated for one easy-to-use comprehensive system. We provide solutions for hospitals, assisted-living communities, long-term care facilities, churches, schools, prison systems and other municipalities, commercial buildings and more.

  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Wandering Protection Systems
  • Infant Security Systems
  • Communication Systems


Audit Trails Increase Accountability and Efficiency

Security is a growing concern for businesses, schools and churches, but traditional lock and key access systems are not the answer. Today’s sophisticated threats require a more focused solution to keep people, equipment and information protected. Customized electronic access control systems are the best way to protect buildings from unauthorized access, using a variety of… Read more »

Choosing a Security and Communications System You Trust

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and churches today. You need to monitor daily activity, manage access to your buildings and protect the safety of students, workers and residents. Working with the right security and communications systems can provide the technology and tools that keep you safe and productive…. Read more »

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“Our staff feels more secure now that we have the tools to help manage our residents who are prone to wandering. A big thank you, Signal Technologies!”

Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC